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Follow 3 Easy Steps to Enjoy IPTV

Step 1 : Set-Top Box

Click HERE to get the best IPTV Set-Top Box in the Market. These IPTV Set-Top Box will provide the best IPTV experience and since they all comes with their functional remote, they provide cable TV experience.

However, our IPTV services are not limited to  Set-Top Boxs only. Below are all different ways you can enjoy our IPTV services through.


Set-Top Box

Buying a new Set-Top Box or using your own is the best option to enjoy the services. It provides a cable kind or experience.

We often experience the best performance with Set-Top Box.

Buy Set-Top Box

Configure Set-Top Box 


Many of you may already have a Roku and would like to enjoy our IPTV services as well...


Desktop / Laptop

Since we have so many options, you can actually use your personnal desktop / Laptop to enjoy our IPTV...


Android Box / TV

Most of the people use Android Box Or Android TV, and our services

can be configured on them easily by using STB Emulator or IPTV Stalker Apps.

Configure Android Boxes

VLC Player

Using VLC Player for IPTV !!! I know it sound interesting. You can configure IPTV in your VLC Player...


Mobile / Tab

Going a long trip and don't want to miss your favorite show, use our service on your phone or Tab...




Kodi is one of the most reliable XBMC service available in the

Market. You can get a lot more along with IPTV...


Smart IPTV

Many of you may wonder but you can use our services in your Smart TV directly by using Smart IPTV App...


Apple MacBook

After giving lots facilities tto android, now you can use our services on Apple MacBook as well...


Step 2 : Set-Top Box

Before buying subscription, please make sure to have below 2 details:

1. Mac Adress                  2. Server Name


To get MAC for Set-Top Boxes       (Ipremium/MAG/Formuler) Click Here

To get MAC for Android Boxes Click Here

You will need to provide server name as well.

Please note that we do not Own/Manage/Control any server.

The list are given in below section.

Servers & Compatibility

Pricing that makes sense. Tailored plans and pricing suits your needs

*** We are currently not offering free trial account however you can buy days pass for testing purpose.

*** Basic difference between these servers is thier listing channel, every server have its own channel list, performance, programbility and capability.

Step 3- Enjoy Limitless Entertainment

You have worry free, hassle free, safe and simple online space to manage your subscription. This portal also provide you reward program through which you can get more benefits than anywhere else.

This portal is MacAfee verifiedand it is safe for buying Set-Top boxs or subscription.

Online chat service (Depends upon agent availability) help you contact support and get your issue resolve quickly. You can always drop email and we will respond within 12 hours.

About us

Best IPTV Experience

We are proven to be the best in online IPTV providers, with most of HD channels and list of all important channels you are always looking for. That include 2700+ Livechannels & PPV, 1000+ Movies, Sports events etc. The serverare more reliable and have lowest outage as compare to any other Internet TV providers, its Kodienabled and that gives us an open doorto huge collection of movies and series from all era.

Worldwide Accessible

The setup box and services, both are worldwide accesible, means you can use the same box and services from anywhere of the world. You just need internet access and that's it.


Industry Standard 128 Bit Encryption Logicfor Payment gateway to secure transaction.

One of the most responsive support in this industry.

SSL certificate enabled, makes this website more secure.


Option to choose subscription frommost servers available in market.


Manage your subscriptions online and ability to cancel the same online.

Well reviewed by customers on our social media and on the website. 

Referral and rewards programs helping you save more by paying less.


One of the most website MCAfee Secure Certified GoDaddy Certified.

We are dedicated to make our customer satisfied with our IPTV services and in return we do get a lot of appreciation, which eventually motivate us to do better.

Our prices are compliant to market standard and do not sell thing way cheaper just to attrect our customer.

In case there are some issues and customers unable to use our subscriptions, we do give back money without any hassle.

We are committed to deliver the best and we will continue to deliver the best in the market.

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