Refund Policy

Please find below points to understand our refund policy


IPTV GO Ltd.UK only support setup on IPTV Set-Top Boxand do not support or provide guarantees over setup on Android Boxes, SmartTV, Laptop etc...


If paying by INTERRAC Payments (Bank transfers)

.We will send you the Cheque on your mailing address.


If paying by Credit Card

.The amount will get credited to your bank account in next 3-5 business days.


IPTV GO Ltd. UK will not be able to make any refunds ( or make partial refund) if:


>Customer didn'nt satisfied/like the channel line-up or performance. WE suggest every customer to go for trial before buying Subscriptions.

>Customers is unable to setup their own box at their end. We will provide our support to setup their boxes, however, because we do not know about the circumstances with the box. our support is limited to pre-defined steps for configurations.

>If some channels/ VOD are freezing or not working. Though almost all of servers are stable, sometimes channels do freeze or doen't work due to various reason. however, most of thr times. these issues are temporary and causedby below reasons:

>>Customer internet fluctuations

>>Issue with the box

>>Channel is down from server end


We do not mange these servers and we don't have any control over it.


>Customer change his/her mind and wanted to withdraw/switch between servers.


Customer can still subscribe to other servers by purchasing new subscription.


In case user/customer not able to setup IPTV service on any of the devices other than IPTV/OTT Set-Top box within 2 days of activation, IPTV GO Ltd. UK will refund 75% of their subscription purchase price. Please see below to understand more around % of refunds:


>Within 1 days = 100% Refunds

>Within 2 days = 75% Refunds

>Within 5 days = 50% Refunds

>Within 7 days = 25% Refunds

>After  7 days = No Refunds