VooDoo Activation

MAG boxes

Portal for MAG boxes : voodoo.dynsite.tm

Follow below steps to activate MAG Boxes.

⇒ Go to setting

⇒ system setting

⇒ servers

⇒ Portal

⇒ Portal 1 URL

⇒ Enter "voodoo.dynsite.tm" as URL

⇒ Reboot the device.

⇒ You should get username and password screen on TV.

⇒ Enter username and password provided to you via email and ENJOY...!!

NTP SERVERS - pool.ntp.org


Any Android Boxes or Devices

Portal for any android boxes or devices : http://voodoo.dynsite.tm/emu2/c/

Download and install STB EMULATOR from play store or from USB. For USB Installation use below .apk file

⇓⇓⇓ Download from here ⇓⇓⇓

apk File 11.5 MB

Install STB emulator and follow below steps

⇒ Open STB emulator

⇒ Go to Setiings of STB emulator (right side cornner)

⇒ Select "Profile"

⇒ Change profile name to "StarTV"

⇒ Go To Portal setting

⇒ Portal URL

⇒ Enter- http://voodoo.dynsite.tm/emu2/c/

⇒ Go Back

⇒ Select "STB Configuration"

⇒ Go to STB Model

⇒ select MAG 254

⇒ Go to MAC Address

⇒ Enter provided MAC address after purchase or send your STB MAC address during puchase (MUST start with 00:1A:79: )

⇒ Don't Change any other setting , reload the Profile

Trick : Install "Clean Memory" or "Clear Cache" application for android devices it will help you clear old caches and it will run smoothly. if VOD doesn't work change your media player.

NOTE: Don't share your MAC address or Don't use it on two devices, if you do so, your portal will be blocked at the server.


Download KODI , Open KODI

Go to System > add-ons > my add-ons > PVR clients > Stalker clients > configure > portal 1

Enter Below URL in PORTAL 1 , 


Enter MAC provided to you via email after purchase

Don't change any other settings

Go to Settings > TV > enable for enable stalker client

Clear data and caches After loaded please reboot kodi and Enjoy ...!!